no, i am NOT a discordian in disguise: this forum is an ignored warning to the world: some day, though it is not my wish, i will be forced to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Discordianism Linked With Ong's Hat Cult

This is all much more insidious than I even believed possible in the beginning. I started this blog when someone close to me recently got hornswoggled into Discordianism after being fast-talked by a proselytizer on a college campus, this friend was always easily influenced, so it wasn't hard for the 'silver-tongued' devil to work his magic. He didn't fool me in the least. I could see through the buffoonery and was not misled. I can smell a cult from a football field away. As I've said before: the most dangerous aspect of Discordianism is how innocent it seems on the surface. Anything seemingly innocent is suspect in my eyes.

Only later, after objective skeptical digging, though, do you unconver the grotesque facts underneath . . . the drugs, the conspiracy, the antinationalism, fringe elements . . . but recently a 'tip-off' from a concerned reader got me on the trail of something deeper than I had ever suspected.

I've found evidence that both Discordianism and another joke cult [which -until now- I had (foolishly) assumed was a much more benign version of Discordianism] The Church of the SubGenius are both linked to the Sex Magic Cults in Ong's Hat New Jersey. This cult dates back to the late 1800s when a circus magician named Noble Drew Ali formed the Islamic Sufi Sex Cult, the Moorish Science Temple there.

In the 1950s some white Jazz Musicians had joined the group and were experimenting in combining the Sufi Sex Cult rites with techniques from Tantra in Calcutta, and aspects of Ishmaelism, derived from the so-called Suicidal Assassins of Afghanistan - two of these jazz poets were Kerry Thornley [co-conspirator to assassinate a U.S. president] and Gregory Hill [anarchist leftist poet and magician] who combined what they had learned from the others with aspects of Dada Surrealism to create the front of the Discordian Society, which could bring impressionable youths to the Incunabula Cult.

Also involved were two sibling scientists from Princeton, Frank and Althea Dobbs, who were raised with an eccentric father who claimed to speak to God through the family television. The Dobbs siblings created the Church of the SubGenius as a front to lure youth in who were uninterested in the 'mystical' Discordian slant. They based the leader of their cult on their deranged father, John Robert Dobbs.

The Incunabula Cult is based in Ong's Hat, NJ, an old ghost town in the forest, and is based around the concept of gathering groups of individuals and using the techniques of Chaos Magic applied to Sufi Sex Magic attempting to break through to alternate "empty" worlds. My informant suggested that these empty worlds are were Gregory Hill and the Dobbs siblings live today.

I don't know whether any of the information about possible alternate worlds is true, but I do know that Sex Magic Caults are behind Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius. Sex Magic cults -at the VERY least- promote radicalism, liberalism, notions of Anarchy, drugs, meditation, Yoga, communism, and free thought.

On the link I am providing here to the dangerous Incunabula Cult's page there is an important list of books to AVOID, in the section of the eBooks, under the title Ong's Hat: The Beginning - you can easily download it as a PDF. Print out the list, and send it to all the schools in your neighborhood: we don't know how many schools may already be innocently holding these books - just waiting to 'poison' the minds of our youth!


Ankara said...


um, I am gonna put this delicately...
but you are out of your freaking mind.
Discordianism? Church of the Subgenius?

you really DON'T GET IT at all, do you?
oh and PRAISE 'BOB'

Felix Nothus said...

I have printed out the list and will be distributing these flyers to all my local schools so that the teachers can protect our children.
These dangerous cults MUST be stopped and obliterated.

Rev. Ivan Stang said...

I too am going to do my best to spread far and wide THE AWFUL TRUTH behind those deadly cults, The Church of the SubGenius and the dangerous Discordians!

Incidentally, if you look at
you will see just how scandalous they are!

RevNickie said...

You're right when you say: "Anything seemingly innocent is suspect in my eyes."

Those kittens are always up to something!!!


Ankara said...

you know what, I have changed my mind...


I would feel VERY bad for the person
who wrote this if they WEREN'T JOKING.
No one can be THAT lost.
(even xtians)

MarquisDesMoines said...

They've got you believing exactly what they want you to believe. The truth is far, far worse.

Agent Lloyd said...

Y'all just better watch it!

Felix Nothus said...

They are currupting our children, with drugs, sex, and apparently something called "slagk".

Bilal said...

The Moorish Science Temple was not a sex cult. The Moorish Orthodox Church, which grew out of Moorish Science, very well could be, as it can be anything you want.

Rev Chuk Roast said...

Give me slagk or give me death.

By the way what became of John Robert's Brother?
Praise Bob

Anonymous said...

Please ignore most of the comments here as they are agents from the dangerous cult of the Church of the SubGenius.

Apparently some member of the Church stumbled across your article and alerted Church HQ. I have been watching this pagan cult for some time and I can assure you it is no joke. The Church of the SubGenius has a dark, cynical, anti-human philosophy and will do anything to make itself more popular.

I am glad that someone has the critical thinking skills to call a spade a spade and stand up for the truth. Just be careful and don’t take all the feedback you receive here seriously as you have already been targeted by Church operatives.

Central Scrutinizer said...

I suspected as much and as aresult have begun to limit my responses, not wanting to add oxygen to the already greasy fire.

In the beginning I intended to respond to each and every comment posted, because that is exactly what these types fear most: intelligent responses. its good to know that at least one person hasn't been deluded by these people

Anonymous said...


And the fire is exposing something to the other readers here. That is that although discordian's and SubGenius's pretend to be a "joke" they sure to take any criticism of there "joke" very seriously and act like a member of a "real" cult.

The comments to your well thought out opinions by these cultists add fuel to the fire of truth that will hopefully not stop at your blog and spread throughout the world.

It is easy for us to ignore groups that attempt to sow seeds of mistrust, anarchy and discord by treating them as harmless fools having a good time while ignoring what they are actually saying in there literature and other outlets.

I for one admire your courage for saying what the intellectual class is to scared to say about these movements.

Sure, for them it is easy to mock and have a gay time but they will never look deeper into what they are actually doing.

Kudos to you my good friend

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be where its easy to mock and have a gay time! where do I sign up pleasethankyou? HHOWP

Anonymous said...

If this is a joke, good job... if it's not, it's worth five times as much to us.

You realize that, right?

Felix Nothus said...

This is no joke. The discordians and sub-genii are dangerous and are filling the heads of our children with rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I fill my own head with rubbish, thank you. My children have their own rubbish they use for head filling. They don't need subgenius or discordian rubbish.

My rubbish can be purchased on ebay.

Anonymous said...

It all makes perfect sense.

General Public said...

This is one of the greatest blog posts anyone has ever made in the history of the Internet, so I just had to leave a comment, even though so much time has passed since then. My favorite quote:

"Sex Magic cults -at the VERY least- promote radicalism, liberalism, notions of Anarchy, drugs, meditation, Yoga, communism, and free thought."

Such irony! This from an Ayn-Rand-quoting blogger who probably does not realize that Ayn Rand was an atheist and founded her own Satanic cult called "Objectivism", which is more dangerous than Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius combined! Just search Google for the words Objectivism and cult and you will wish you had never quoted Ayn Rand!

Another dangerous group to watch out for is the Holocaustals, a heretical group within the Church of the SubGenius that has rebelled against the church hierarchy. Their leader is called "Papa Joe Mama", and you can Google his name and Holocaustal to find his website. Be warned... it is not for the faint of heart! Papa Joe Mama is a deranged madman. You can also find the "Trial of Papa Joe Mama" on YouTube, to see the disciplinary actions the Church of the SubGenius took against him in 1999. Obviously they were not enough, as you can tell if you look at his website.

Anonymous said...

You really have nothing better to do than to bloom hysteria about comedic cults...Or perhaps this is your clever way of promoting Discordianism and Erisianism?

Christianity has its Lucifer, Discordianism has its Greyface.

~St. Tabby

Central Scrutinizer said...

message for all of you: STOP READING THIS BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Aw, someone needs a handjob :)

Anonymous said...

OMG....i had no idea these organizations were promoting such scandalous and radical ideas as free thought. This is completely unacceptable and must be fought at any cost.

Please tell me what i should think next...

Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa gotta love this:

"Church of the the VERY least- promote radicalism, liberalism, notions of Anarchy, drugs, meditation, Yoga, communism, and free thought."

I almost sharted. Oh, apparently this guy has also been targeted by "Church Operatives"?!? I'm assuming they wear dark suits and have little ear phones and mics in the cuffs of their jackets.....

Praise be to Bob

Anonymous said...

Sesseth Cell have identified the opposing stains of the ideosphere viral agent Chaorderus-DXM and have now been successfully cured in living host subjects and global inoculation is expected to begin by 07/23/12.

Stop thought.

Anonymous said...


Seriously. Why do you take us seriously?

Anonymous said...

You have to people who are agreeing with you. I am certain one of them is joking(cough felix cough) and the other one may or may not be joking. Either way, you seem to have one hell of a following.

Krista said...

Central Scrutinizer,

I'd love to heed your warning, but you see, I signed a billion year contract with these guys, so I can't. Oh wait, that was scientology. ...Perhaps you should put your time into attacking them instead of the SubGenii. Ya know, the folks that actually destroy lives and make you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just so you can find out is a dude named Xenu living in a volcano that is powered by an eternal battery?

Just sayin'.

Glory be to "BoB" !!!

keith said...

the slack part is legit

keith said...

the slack part is legit

Crimsondeth said...


Unknown said...

Well, it's "later" and things have grown even less determinate.
Must add to the waring about the "Holocaustals" another group:
"The Seventh-Day Dentists" (or, "Holy Molars" as some call them).

They may be Discordians working against the CIA by attacking the Sub-Genii, or they may be honest psychedeevolutioniaries working against all three, but I just thought I'd throw a warning out there.

Guard your teeth well!

~St Trolificus