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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Black Iron Prison

Modern Discordians have finally almost created a new idea on their own . . . they only had to rip it off from an imfamous CIA investigated sci-fi hack named Dick. How appropriate.

This idea is known as the Black Iron Prison, and the basic concept is that your own perceptions are a prison from which you can never break free from. Once you realize you are trapped in a prison you can try to break out, but once you are outside you realize you are trapped within a larger, more impenetrable, prison. No matter what you do, or what you try, you are trapped.

What a cheery concept.

They offer no ways to get out, or think around this concept, its just laid out there and you had better digest it, accept it, and like it or you are a shallow fool who doesn't get the 'harsh reality' of the situation.

The idea comes from Dick's book Valis, which nobody I know has read or even heard of. The more obscure, the better, I guess.


Anonymous said...

the idea of the black iron prison is not escape but one of acceptance and trying to be accepting of and helpful to others.

what a grim concept.

and the 'HARSH REALITY' is only harsh to those who see it that way. your words. not ours.

Central Scrutinizer said...

It's a bad workman who blames his tools for his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Stop blaming this tool. He has enough trouble typing as it is. Best wishes with your ocd, CS

Central Scrutinizer said...

OCD? I don't understand your 'leet' speak.

Numinous Ubiquity said...

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Anyway, I think it is realistic to say that a person cannot break free from being trapped into their own subjective perceptions of reality. Do you dispute that fact, Central Scrutinizer? Or are you upset that Discordians are reminding people of a fact you would rather have everyone avoid thinking about? It seems your central aim is for the majority of humanity to remain in ignorance of reality.

Central Scrutinizer said...

Do you seriously think I plan to believe a Discordian?

Rev. What's-His-Name? said...

You can never get out of your cell because it is made by the limitations of your biology and your beliefs. You can never escape your biology, however, you can reconstruct, or alter, your cell through your belief systems.

You can wake up some day and realize that you DON'T have to work that dead end job. You can go back to school and learn to be a teacher, or something you find value and meaning in.

That's what the BIP is about. Recognizing your boundaried and recognizing that there are things you cannot change, but there are things that you CAN change. The better you know your surroundings, the better you are.

Conclusions are simply where you stop thinking.

weareallone said...

"Do you seriously think I plan to believe a Discordian?"
God I love it when you do that. It doesn't matter how good somebody's points is, because I don't like their religion! now nobody can prove me wrong, because I don't plan to believe a (insert religion here).

echeola said...

I've read VALIS, hell they've even recorded an audio book for all or you that have trouble with words. The Black Iron Prison is not impervious, nor is the goal of the Discordians to get you to accept the fact you're in prison and give up. Hell, the ignorance of that assertion is incredible. The realization that you are in a prison must take place, before you can break free. Are you free? If so ignore the message, but at least examine your situation and see.