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no, i am NOT a discordian in disguise: this forum is an ignored warning to the world: some day, though it is not my wish, i will be forced to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discordians are ORGANIZING!

Surely you have all heard of the nauseating mutual masturbation of misery that is the annual Burning Man festival, a spot in the desert reserved for 10,000 stinking ecstasy bloated hippies fornicating under the blistering sun in front of children while riding rhinos and shooting shotguns at the moon? Well, imagine that 500 times worse, and filled with the insidious terrorist cult members of Discordianism. You have the nauseating collective that is DEVIVAL.

Of course, their vile plans are secret and can only be accessed by some twisted elite, because only good can transpire behind closed locked doors. Surely.

I have been warning for years that these Discordian activities would begin to come to a head, and clearly, they are. You have all been warned.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Discordian Malcontent Blathers On and On and On...

This video, entitled Discordianism..Uh, What? is the latest propaganda from the noxious group known as "Discordians".. mindwarpers disguised as *harmless prank* and *broadening minds*. BS. Total BS. This video is no different. The things it would have our youth believe are appalling.

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me while viewing the video in question:
  • lazy malcontent
  • foul mouth
  • obviously high
  • actually thinks silliness is a noble quality.
  • the woman cannot formulate a full thought to save her life
  • Discordians think contradictions are cute
  • Giggle!
  • "life isn't worth being so fucking serious." [tell that to the soldiers being blown apart overseas.]
  • "Chill out. Take it easy. Life's too short." [I was right about being lazy.]
  • "I don't know if this made any sense at all." [rare self insight]
  • just wasted six minutes of my life
It's becoming very tiring.  Do asinine memes likes these ever go away??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Discordian Demonology!

It has come to our attention at the Concordia Movement that the hidden scourge of our blind deaf and dumb society, *Discordianism*, can now be definitively and directly linked to the ancient evil art of demonology, as we have often suspected in the past.

One of the many online Discordian sites [they seem to breed like termites] has reported that a certain St.Mae, owner of the rat's nest known as "" has come into contact with a shadowy underworld individual who claims to have been in contact with Kerry Thornley [AKA "Malaclypse the Younger"] while he was running from the FBI and the CIA in the 1990s, and claims that he and the demented co-creator of modern Discordianism wrote out a book of Discordian demonic names.

In fact this site reports that StMae "said it was a book on Discordian Demonology, and catalogued the numerous Discordian demons." Which -of course- proves that the idea of Discordian demononologists exist.

Another nail in the rancid coffin that is Discordianism: youth take note

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Discordian Online Trolls

It has come to my attention lately that Discordian Online Trolls (possibly members of HIMEOBS) have been sweeping through many pagan forum sites as of late, most notably Mystic Wicks and The Celtic Connection.

I am going to do my best to fight these twisted sociopaths, and anyone with an ounce of human compassion should join me.

This can [and MUST] end.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Discordians Claim Credit For Downed Satellite

I wish I could type "Happy New Year" and actually mean it.

For a few weeks there I thought the Discordians had actually packed up and moved away to some other stooge country, finally we wouldn't need to worry about mindf*cks behind everything that goes on day to day. But no.

The Discordian group "HIMEOBS" which I have reported about before have claimed credit for the satellite which is going down at the moment.

In this email a HIMEOBS agent calling himself Agent Rapier claims credit for the downing of the satellite, then goes on to threaten:
"Unless our demands are met, we will unleash a wave of unstobable assassination from above on each person running in the US primaries ... Do not think you can call our bluff, either."

This is much much too much. What will these Discordians have to do before someone in the government steps in to eliminate them? This is the WAR people. Shooting down our satellites? This is insane! We MUST put a stop to Discordianism. Now.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Deep In The Blue Lagoon

A reliable source has provided me with information about a Discordian sub-sect which may be exactly the sort of Doomsday Cult I've always suspected them of being. At one point I had a theory about Discordianism being a front for a Sex Cult, which still may be true, but more nefarious claims are now being fed to me. Discordians claim to "stick apart", so maybe both types of cults exist? Time will certainly tell.

My source has told me that this group of Discordians, in cities all across the world (London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Cairo), identifies one another by the codephrase *Alphabet of Brooke Shields*. Depending on what sort of material the name is left on (brick, cement, wood, etc.) the group lets others of its ilk know the goings on for their New World Order plan.

The group intends to bring the world back to an original empty state, somewhat like Mars today. The logic behind such a berserk notion can hardly be fathomed. I always wonder where the perpetrator of such ludicrous ideas think they will be when the dirty deed is done . . . ? The meaning behind the name is as bizarre as the name itself, it is apparently an anagram for "Sphere-Like Of As Blood-Bath", which purportedly describes their intentions accurately, if somewhat awkwardly.

I'm told that this splinter part of Discordianism is not new, and has gone by different graffitti catchphrases in the past: "I.S.S.S.V."; "Kilroy Was Here"; "Clapton Is God"; "Fnord"; "Bango Skank"; and "Nixon Sucks".

Keep your eyes peeled for any of these graffittis, and report them to your local authorities, if found: It could mean the lives of everyone you hold dear.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Discordian Online Treachery Revealed!

I have oncovered two blatant examples of Discordians promoting treachery, deception, and disinformation on the World Wide Web, where any soft-minded citezen could stumble upon and be duped into believing the blatant untruths of this organization. I am still shocked that I seem to be the only person who has seen the dark underbelly of this allegedly *humorous* sect.

Please take close note of the two examples of classic Discordian *disinfo* and *fright tactics* which follow in the following examples:

HIMEOBS, [I have discovered though covert action], is a Discordian sub-sect which engages in online vigilante policing and bullying - while some of their online exploits have been *admittedly* honorable [dogging online Paedoefiles, and deviant Japanese Animation fans] they have also engaged in online disinfo, frequently calling *jihads* on innocent user-friendly educational sites such as Wikipedia or YouTube, and altering important objective fact with retarded *Dadaist* nonsense.

Look closely at this example, from, which shows HIMEOBS Grand Master, "Cain", bragging about his online visionary skills, attempting to create fear in the common man out of fear of being observed covertly:

When viewing the above image please also note some of the more subtle points which may not be noticed without careful study [which I have already done] . . . note that "Cain"'s *title* is Idi Amin, a vicious cannibalistic fascist leader from Africa . . . ponder this thought for a few chilling moments. Under that, also note that he refers to himself as an *ass polyp*. What is a Polyp, one might reasonably ask? A Polyp is an underwater creature which reproduces asexually, and I suppose an Ass Polyp reproduces with its . . . well, you get the nauseating idea. I won't even get into the idea that he "encourages people to look for their inner arsonist".

Our second example is from a Discordian blog by a Discordian Agent [presumably also with HIMEOBS] which relishes in relating completely bogus Discordian propaganda. Run by a "Baron Von Hoopla", the Hoopla blog related this story last week: about a supposedly underground Discordian temple discoverd in the Italian alps by another Discordian agent, "Count YooHoo" - presumably part of a HIMEOBS sleeper cell. The story is patent nonsense, written in what is supposed to be a first person *journal account* of having seen the temple in question.

A little bit of digging on some Search Engines produced this story: about Italian entrepeneur Oberto Airaudi [called *Umberto Aureola* in the Hoopla story] who carved out underground temples since the 1960's, simply for fun.

This "Baron Von Hoopla" claims as his title *King Of The Booze*, a nauseating claim to be proud of - elsewhere this Discordian claims to be the *Vermin Lord*, an eldritch title which may indicate connection with one of the stranger Discordian cults. HIMEOBS may have some esoteric root I haven't been able to discern yet, further research will be reported as its discovered.

Here's a screen-cap from Hoopla of the supposed *Discordian Temple*:

And, here is a screen-cap of the Daily Mail story:

So, I beg my readers to please be vigilant, and stay awake, try not to believe every *cockamamie* story you read.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Details On Discordianism's Patron Deity

I thought it might help some of my loyal readers if I give some details on the deity that the Discordians rever so much. Any religion is only as good as its own god, or goddess, and a lot can be gleaned about a religion by looking into the deity. For instance, by looking closer at the Buddha one can discover that Buddhism is a peaceful religion based on the idea that the material world is in a constant state of transition. Simple enough, right? Let's look into Discordianism's deity, Eris:

ERIS was the goddess or spirit [daimona] of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. She was often represented specifically as the daimon of the strife of war, who haunted the battlefield and delighted in human bloodshed.

Sounds like a *delightful* goddess to rever, right? Let's read some more:

ERIS (Eris), the goddess who calls forth war and discord. According to the Iliad, she wanders about, at first small and insignificant, but she soon raises her head up to heaven (iv. 441). She is the friend and sister of Ares, and with him she delights in the tumult of war, increasing the moaning of men. (iv. 445, v. 518, xx. 48.) She is insatiable in her desire for bloodshed, and after all the other gods have withdrawn from the battle-field, she still remains rejoicing over the havoc that has been made.

Yes, my idea of a deity to worship! [Sarcasm]

Here's a bit where the legends describe how Eris created *all* of mankind's woe's:

"For ere this [the opening of Pandora's jar] the tribes of men lived on earth remote and free from ills [kakoi] and hard toil [ponoi] and heavy sickness [nosoi argaleai] which bring the Keres [Death-Demons] upon men; for in misery men grow old quickly. But the woman [Pandora] took off the great lid of the jar with her hands and scattered all these [the offspring of Eris] and her thought caused sorrow and mischief to men.

Shocking, appalling, and mostly sad.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Discordianism & The JFK Assassination: 2

I tracked down this interview with 'Discordianism co-founder' Kerry [Malaclypse the Younger] Thornley, which was broadcast on the television news program "A Current Affair" in 1992:

[PART 1]

[PART 2]

This is a chilling interview where Thornley boldly asserts his desire to have killed our ex-President in cold blood. The idea that anybody would voluntarily join an organization started by him which purports to be about "freedom" is –quite frankly– laughable. Interestingly, the news piece on "A Current Affair" was co-produced by Sondra London, a self-proffessed Discoridan, and the subject of an earlier video I posted - could the "Current Affair" piece be a Discordian scam?

Friday, November 9, 2007

More Evidence Linking Discordianism With Satanism and Illuminism

This website indicates that the so-called Discordian Law of Fives ["The Law of Fives states simply that: all phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the number five, and this relationship can always be demonstrated given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator. The Law of Fives is never wrong." –Malaclypse the Younger, 'Principia Discordia', Page 00016] was created by Adam Weishaupt [creator of the Ancient Illuminated Seers OF Bavaria in 1776, and ex-jesuit]:

The "V sign" has a colourful history. "V" is the Roman sign for the number five and Adam Weishaupt used it in the Illuminati to symbolise the "Law of Fives,'' but there's more. In the Cabala: "the meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism. Satan is letting us know that this is one of his favourite signs. Why else does he like the PENTA-gram (Penta = five!) and the FIVE-fold salute used in Masonry and Witchcraft?''

This is a new, but not altogether unexpected, twist. It makes sense now why I would be receiving corrospondences with people claiming to be part of the Illuminati: Discordianism, Satanism and the Illuminati are three heads on some horrid Cerberus of our modern society. I feel I becoming closer and closer to proving that Discordianism is an insidious plot designed to ensnare the nåive, but hidden within the seemingly innocent trappings of a satirical parody religion.

**UPDATE [Nov.17/07]** Please note the hand gesture being made by Discordian dictator Enrico Salazor in this post:

**UPDATE [Nov.19/07]** More evil evidence of the Discordian "Law of Fives" from history:
Hesiod, Works and Days 804 ff :
"Beware of all the fifth days [of the month]; for they are harsh and angry; it was on the fifth, they say, that the Erinyes assisted at the bearing of Horkos [Oath], whom Eris [Strife] bore, to be a plague on those who take false oath."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Discordianism In Court

This YouTube clip shocked me more than any I had ever seen. I have to admit, there was a small part of me that believed (or wanted to believe) that Discordianism was a bit of an internet joke, and was practiced for the most part on internet sites . . . save for a couple lone whackos, like the fellow who decided to copy Joshua Norton . . . not that internet Discordianism can't have malevolent ideals, and leapout into the teenage world, but I wanted to believe that most adults didn't really consider themselves "Discordians", or at the very least would never admit as much out loud, and in public.

But now, I offer to you not only an adult admitting to being a Discordian, but admitting so IN COURT! Sondra London is one of the most hostile witnesses I've ever seen, and shows the mindset which walks arm-in-arm with the "Think For Yourself, Schmuck" ideology. Am I surprised that this self admitted Discordian was affiliated with a serial killer? Need I answer?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Have No Idea What "AISB" Stands For

I received this email today:

Central Scrutinizer,

I cannot believe you are wasting your time with the Discordians; they are small potatoes, brother. Why should you waste your time with a group whose only contribution to the planet has been red pubic hair, when you could be trying to bash the group who is actually running all the machinery?

Fair enough, Discordianism IS insidious; this is apparent by the fact that it is promoted by that dastard Robert Anton Wilson who -of course, of course- only wants you to BELIEVE he is deceased. His nefarious ideals should be obvious to anyone who can enumerate the famous initials of "RAW" to the sum of '207' [R = 200, A = 1, W = 6] . . . a little research would show that 207 also suggests "The Lord Of The Universe", "That Which Cuts", "The Elder", and the most eldritch of all, "The Scorpion". Need I say more?

On the plus side, you should be aware that although we pull ALL the strings, we do so only in your best interest. In fact, one of your recent posts said it best: The trouble with thinking for yourself. The real trouble with thinking for yourself is that it is not in your habit, the human race hasn't been thinking for itself for thousands of years; we've been doing the thinking for you. Not only that, but thinking for yourself is tiring, trust me, I know . . . I do all the thinking for the lot of you, and I am effing pooped.

I'll give you a tip: the Aghori are much more dangerous than the ridiculous Discordians, and are also much more prevalent within the borders of your country. Just a thought.

Until we meet in person,


Does anyone have any idea what AISB stands for? Is this more letter numerology? These cults become more and more sick each day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Enough Is Enough Already

About fifty years ago a whacko in San Francisco decided he had lived enough of his life in abject rejection long enough, and proclaimed himself to be Emperor of the United States Of America, and "Protector" Of Mexico. Just like that. He snaps his fingers and we are all meant to just listen and obey.

Let's just ignore for the moment that the idea of someone just naming themself as important goes against all the concepts of important we currently hold dear, we have degrees of acceptance and approval about all things because all things are subject to our collective approval. This just makes sense. If anyone could just grant themself a diploma from Harvard, how good would that diploma ultimately be? About as good as a Happy Meal diploma from McDonalds. But lets also not forget that the very idea of an "Emperor" in a democracy is both laughable and evil. This homeless man thinks he is better than my father, who not only served in Korea for his country, but lost both his ankles for the honor? This man, this "Emperor Norton" somehow deserves more respect, simply because he is a DISCORDIAN? It makes me sick.

But wait . . . it gets "better".

Recently someone else decided to make themself Emperor, and apparently we didn't receive the collective memo . . . read on to see how it all turned out:

DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- Saying it was "the day of the emperor's reign," a man with a gun and knife in his pockets went into a suburban shop and rented a tuxedo. A clerk considered his behavior odd enough to warrant a call to police.

About three hours later, a man in a dark suit some described as a tuxedo appeared outside the offices of Gov. Bill Ritter. He refused to drop a handgun, and was shot and killed by a patrolman on the governor's security detail.

The man said before he was shot, "I am the emperor and I'm here to take over state government," said Evan Dreyer, the governor's spokesman. No one besides the gunman was injured.

Police in the Denver suburb of Northglenn said the man who rented a tuxedo may have been the man killed at the governor's Capitol office. They also said in a statement that family members and an employer told investigators the man at the store was possibly delusional.

Officers with the Denver police department conducted a search late Monday at a home of a couple believed to be the suspect's parents. Investigators said they knew the man's name but did not release it.

The man had walked into the reception area of Ritter's office and was being escorted out before he produced a gun and refused orders to put it down, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. Four or five shots were heard, but authorities would not say how many times the patrolman fired.

The man did not fire his weapon, Jackson said, declining to say if it was loaded.

The shooting occurred at about 2 p.m. in a hall outside the governor's offices on the first floor of the Capitol.

Ritter said he was in the office with 10 or 11 other people and heard shots, but he would not say how close he was to the gunman. He said some of his staff members witnessed the shooting. Watch Ritter describe the shooting »

Tobie Locke, a bridal manager at the Mister Neat's shop in Northglenn, said a man came in around 10 a.m. asking to rent a tuxedo and said, when asked about the occasion, "Today's the day of the emperor's reign."

After renting the tux, the man did not say where he was going.

"He was very nervous and sweating a lot and breathing very heavy," Locke said. "I had the impression he was going to hurt somebody."

Authorities said there had been no specific threats against the governor before Monday's shooting, which reinvigorated a debate about metal detectors at the Capitol.

Metal detectors were installed after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks but were removed the following July after lawmakers objected to making it more difficult for the public to visit.

They are usually installed temporarily during the governor's annual State of the State address in January.

Ritter said Capitol security would be temporarily stepped up while lawmakers and others discuss any permanent changes. Starting Tuesday, all visitors will be required to enter through a single entrance and pass through a metal detector, he said. It wasn't clear how long that requirement would be in place.

"We live in a country where there is just that constant tension about security versus openness," he said.

"We have always said this building is the people's building and the place where we conduct business, and it's the people's business. There are going to be discussions going forward about how we achieve that right balance between security and keeping it open," Ritter said.

The Democratic governor said he was pleased with the level of security he is provided.

State Rep. Edward Casso said he saw the gunman after the shooting and described him as being in his 30s or 40s, dressed in a white shirt and dark slacks.

Casso said a state patrolman told him to evacuate, adding, "I started to panic a little bit. I was just hoping that was the end of it."

The first-term Democrat said the Capitol should have metal detectors.

"It's kind of freaky someone could get that close," Casso said.

Kind of freaky, indeed. These Discordians must be stopped. This madness will only become worse.

What's next? Full-on invasion?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Problem With "Thinking For Yourself"

The Discordian sect likes to define itself around the tenet "Think For Yourself", although that may surpise you if your only exposure to the insidious group is via the comments they graffitti this blog with on a regular basis, and without pondering the idea too much it probably seems like an attractive possibility, but in truth it is against the benefit of your entire society to do so.

The idea of thinking for yourself is the root base of the psychopath's mindset: someone who thinks only for and of themself, worrying not at all about his fellow man. I'm not saying that all Discordians are psychopaths, but I would assume a large segment of them are . . . the rest are most likely sociopaths.

We are a society based on democracy, which means that we are a people who have decided to put people into power who are smart enough and self-sacrificing enough to do the thinking of an entire population for them. This is no easy feat, as anyone who has run for even local offices can attest. The very idea of going through the trouble to pick a candidate, vote for them, and set them up in office only to completely ignore their decisions is tantamount to treason. The majority of Discordians are high school drop-outs who suckle on the teets of the our country, and somehow THEY are the bastions of pure thought? When was the last time you read about anyone in a position of power or authority being a "discordian"? NEVER. These people go NOWHERE. So why would anyone listen to them? The simple answer is that most people don't, however, the youth of today just dying for the next weird and trendy pop idea are sitting ducks for this sort of madness.

If we allow the youth to think for themselves we would soon have a country composed of 100 million small countries. WE ARE NOT A PEOPLE IF WE ARE ALL IN IT FOR OURSELVES. End of Discussion.

Of course, I probably shouldn't worry too much, since the Discordians aren't doing much thinking for themselves anyway . . . they adopt a system of thought based around original ideas, then copy the ideas set out for them word for word, idea for idea. A perfect example of this is an earlier post where I mentioned the Discordian Days Of The Week being named for the Seven Deadly Sins . . . some thoughtful Discordian decided to enlighten me by explaining that the Discordians have FIVE days in a week. Besides the utterly obvious idiocy of trying to explain how days work on the rising and setting of the SUN, its interesting to note that I found the Seven Deadly Sins fact on a Discordian blog . . . but apprently if most Discordians say its five, its FIVE, dammit. Shut up about it, and stop 'thinking for yourself'. If Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley tell you it's five days a week, it's FIVE. Same goes for the names of the seasons, or months, or whathaveyou. The idea that any of these Discordians think for themselves is, frankly, a laughable idea. Hell, if they thought for themselves they wouldn't even worship Discordia, they would make up their own deity, but NOOOOOOO.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Discordians Becoming Paranoid

Ladies and gentlemen, the Discordians are becoming paranoid . . . the dark, dank home of internet deviants, AKA: "" has closed its doors to the public, so that the man on the street cannot see what they are 'chatting' about anymore. Are we to assume they have something to hide?

Perhaps I will have to start an account and ask some 'questions'.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Numinous Ubiquity"

Well, I have a new fan; and he takes the cake.

I didn't think it would be possible for someone out there to be nuttier than the Discordians [and possibly the Scientologists], but "Numinous Ubiquity" certainly fits the bill to a tee. The man [or boy, how would I know?] takes the time to respond to 98% of all the posts I have ever made, yet fails to make an intelligent comment in the lot. He apparently thinks intelligence is paid by the word. A comment, Numinous Ubiquity: If you plan to write a novel, then split it up throughout different comment posts: MAKE IT INTERESTING.

He is the perfect example of how this 'faith' robs people of their own minds and feeds them the answers it wants. Out of fairness, I will now repeat everything this sad man took the time to write out, but I warn you, it takes either a strong stomach or a very good sense of humor to digest this rot . . . hopefully both . . .

• "This is one of the greatest blog posts anyone has ever made in the history of the Internet, so I just had to leave a comment, even though so much time has passed since then. My favorite quote:

• "Sex Magic cults -at the VERY least- promote radicalism, liberalism, notions of Anarchy, drugs, meditation, Yoga, communism, and free thought."

Such irony! This from an Ayn-Rand-quoting blogger who probably does not realize that Ayn Rand was an atheist and founded her own Satanic cult called "Objectivism", which is more dangerous than Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius combined! Just search Google for the words Objectivism and cult and you will wish you had never quoted Ayn Rand!

Another dangerous group to watch out for is the Holocaustals, a heretical group within the Church of the SubGenius that has rebelled against the church hierarchy. Their leader is called "Papa Joe Mama", and you can Google his name and Holocaustal to find his website. Be warned... it is not for the faint of heart! Papa Joe Mama is a deranged madman. You can also find the "Trial of Papa Joe Mama" on YouTube, to see the disciplinary actions the Church of the SubGenius took against him in 1999. Obviously they were not enough, as you can tell if you look at his website.
July 9, 2007 1:37 AM"

• "Central Scrutinizer, you think there are actually people dumb enough to take this seriously? It's obviously just a joke, which is clear as day to anyone who looks at it. Do you completely lack any sense of humor whatsoever? If so, I pity you.
July 11, 2007 10:36 PM"

• "This is actually a very enlightening parable that teaches us all the importance of bullshit. I cannot believe you do not get that message, Central Scrutinizer. Perhaps you think that anything that is pro-bullshit is bullshit. But maybe if you show people a lot of OBVIOUS bullshit, it can help people to recognize bullshit in general, and then they can learn to spot bullshit a mile a way. Your real agenda is that you don't want people to be able to spot bullshit, because secretly you know, deep inside, that your own beliefs are pretty much bullshit, and so are the beliefs of most other people. If people started thinking for themselves, the whole world would fall apart! So, it is best to keep people from being able to tell if something is really the truth or if it is bullshit. That way, they can relax in the safety of their own delusions just like you do.
July 11, 2007 10:44 PM"

• "What a crazy old hippie! The police did use excessive force though, on the old man. He was crying out from the pain! And he did not assault the officer! He is a complete lunatic though. I am not sure where you get the idea that his cigarette is marijuana, or that this guy is a terrorist. He seems pretty harmless to me! He just seems like the kind of lunatic you see as a homeless bum on the street corner begging for cash. Maybe he lost his mind in Vietnam or something.
July 11, 2007 10:54 PM"

• "Central Scrutinizer, by condemning Discordianism, you are practicing it, because you are creating Discord and Chaos through your actions. Checkmate? The only one checkmated is you. You have painted yourself into a corner. The emperor has no clothes. You have shown your foolishness by condemning something that is obviously harmless. And in your attacks on Discordianism, you have shown your own true nature. And it is not something good. You have shown yourself to be repressive, to want slavish conformity, and to expect everyone to behave the same way or be severely punished. And you have no sense of humor. Yet you continue to make a fool of yourself, out of your own stupid arrogance. It is the deadly sin of pride that you are cursed with, the worst of the 7 deadly sins.
July 11, 2007 11:05 PM"

• "Central Scrutinizer, it seems odd that you have nothing better to do than monitor online forums of a religion you don't even agree with. Perhaps you are jealous of the Discordians? It is funny that you think you can recognize rational thought, when you have probably never thought rationally in your entire life.
July 11, 2007 11:09 PM"

• "You are so correct, Central Scrutinizer, when you say that people should NOT be forced to question their own irrational assumptions. It is JUST PLAIN WRONG to make people question things and think for themselves. People ought to behave like brainwashed sheep, believe what they are told to believe, and do whatever they are told to do. Anything other than that would negatively impact the Republican Party's chances in the next election.
July 11, 2007 11:15 PM

• "A Google search for "Sex Magic Cults" turns up only 7 results. Central Scrutinizer, I think you may be sorely mistaken with your notion of Sex Magic Cults. They simply do not exist. If they did, there would be a hell of a lot more results when I Google that phrase in quotes. In all likelihood, you were the one who coined the phrase "Sex Magic Cults", Central Scrutinizer. Either there exists a massive Conspiracy to suppress all knowledge about Sex Magic Cults by hiding it from Google, or they are just a figment of your deluded imagination.
July 11, 2007 11:26 PM"

• "Sigmund Freud divided the mind into the id, the ego, and the superego: 3 parts. L. Ron Hubbard chose to divide it into 2 parts. Three plus two equals five. What's wrong with that? You would have us believe that the mind acts as a united whole, and that it has no parts. So then, the fact that it is divided into 2 hemispheres, each made up of billions of interconnected neurons, individual brain cells, is of no importance to you. Now obviously if I were to say the mind has billions of parts, that would be too complicated. So to model such a complex system, people have to pick a smaller number, usually less than 10. What is so wrong with 5? Does your theory of 1 unified mind really match how things work in practice? According to your model of 1 unified mind, nobody ever has any internal conflict within their mind, because that would require at least 2 parts for the mind. That theory of 1 part simply does not match reality. The number 5, while probably not correct, is closer to the correct answer than 1.
July 11, 2007 11:35 PM"

• "OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Anyway, I think it is realistic to say that a person cannot break free from being trapped into their own subjective perceptions of reality. Do you dispute that fact, Central Scrutinizer? Or are you upset that Discordians are reminding people of a fact you would rather have everyone avoid thinking about? It seems your central aim is for the majority of humanity to remain in ignorance of reality.
July 11, 2007 11:39 PM"

• "Central Scrutinizer, why are you so enamored of the idea that people should not think for themselves? Is it because you do not think for yourself? You quote "Think for yourself, schmuck" as if that is a BAD message for people to be sending. Please stop trying to make your own stupidity contagious.
July 11, 2007 11:43 PM"

• "Your entire blog is based around Discord. You also seem to have a lot of Hate and Anger. And it is all very ironic.
July 11, 2007 11:44 PM"

• "Ayn Rand started a cult called Objectivism. Google Ayn Rand and cult if you don't believe me. Objectivism is a very evil cult. I would not be quoting her if I were you. If you quote her, that makes you look like another brainwashed Objectivist cultist. And for you to dis on other cults when you are a cultist yourself seems a bit hypocritical, no?
July 11, 2007 11:47 PM"

• ""Jesus and I are already laughing at you from the winning side, my friend."

"If those two simple statements don't put the fear into you, you are not on my side."

Those two sentences are the types of statements suicide bombers clutch onto as they fly an airplane into a building full of innocent people.
July 11, 2007 11:50 PM"

• "So, Central Scrutinizer, you think anything human society has rejected for a long time is bad. For a long time people rejected the idea that the world is round. Do you think the world is flat? You keep conflating things that do not go together. Discordians might want less intrusive government, but they do not necessarily want complete anarchy. Your idol Ayn Rand certainly wanted a hell of a lot less government. Conservative Washington insider Grover Norquist has said he wants government small enough so he can "drown it in the bathtub". Isn't the smallest government no government at all? I think you probably want less government than the amount Discordians want. And I am not even a Discordian, just one who sympathizes with them after reading all your hateful screeds.
July 11, 2007 11:54 PM"

• "Central Scrutinizer, you are such a fascist! It is people like you who put people like Adolf Hitler into power. You want a totalitarian government that controls everything and tells you what to think. And you call Discordians "rats", as if they are subhuman. You keep calling them terrorists, Communists, anarchists, and everything bad you can think of, without ever offering any evidence! And you keep saying that they do illegal things, again, without evidence. It is people like you that helped the East German Secret Police terrorize their own country's people. You are the worst kind of McCarthyist uptight pro-censorship fascist who wants to tell other people what they can think, say, and do. No thanks! I do not want people like you telling me what I can and cannot do, people who, like you, have absolutely no regard for freedom or democracy or human rights! Go ruin some other country, but not the United States! It's a free country, and it is staying that way whether you like it or not, Nazi!
July 12, 2007 12:03 AM"

Sad, sad, sad.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Discordians Are Insane

I stumbled across this ridiculous set of required activities that Discordians are forced to perform as initiation before they can become full-fledged 'legionnaires' of the "Legion Of Dynamic Discordians", or "L.D.D." if you prefer. It really is just further proof that the people who decide to become Discordian are more than slightly off from the norm -- to put it nicely.

Some of these stupid activities may seem innocuous enough [showering in your clothes is only utterly moronic, after all, not really dangerous], but they are really just hidden booby traps waiting for unsuspecting dupes [don't forget that the Discordians rever the 'Sacred Bull' as holy, after all] to try these actions out in a desperate attempt to belong to some clique, no matter how blatantly ridiculous - I mean, just look at the one that asks a person to use jumper cables to connect the two sides of train-track together - good luck, buddy! Nice way to become a 'fried egg'! Not to mention condoning breaking into people's homes, graffiting trees, and making swings hang from innocent trees which will now probably break.

These kinds of sites are littered all over the internet where any unsuspecting fool could run across them.

Monday, June 4, 2007

"Sacred" Bull?

This is one of the most appalling Discordian items I have had the grand misfortune of stumbling across yet - and that is saying a lot, believe you me.

It actually tries to make a case for lying being an admirable act - you see, people? This is the kind of stuff I'm trying to get through to you all - these Discordians are under-handed nefarious types who love to promote lying, cheating, stealing, vandalizing, graffiting, fascism, and sexual deviancy . . . It is a tract purported to be written by someone named "Enrico Ritzibottom Salazar", a self-professed "Sexual Deviant", although to be honest I have only been able to track this person down to a MySpace page, and some memberships at various Discordian internet bulletin boards. It is most likely a pseudonym for one of the better-known Discordian pimps, but the identity is hardly the issue; the content is the true problem. But, let me just let the work speak for itself . . . if you can read this on a full stomach without becoming queasy, then you are made of stronger stuff than me . . .

by: Sexual Deviant and Beloved Ex-Dictator: Enrico Ritzibottom Salazar

As Enrico step off tuna boat onto fine American soil he was immediately molest by strange man in rumpled suit with crazed eyes. Normally this would not bother Enrico, on contrary, he advertise for it . . . but this man was not interest in Enrico's crotch at all, he was only interest in talk talk religion and philosophy.

He ask Enrico: "Do you believe there is such thing as true religion?" Enrico snort and repy "Isn't pornography religion in this country?"

He told Enrico that it was not, which saddened Enrico for few moments; it was after all why Enrico had come to this country in first place. Immediately his vision of become a pope of porn melt away . . . he would have to find other way to get people to accept his 'host', he realize.

He was only sad for moment, of course, because Enrico rarely has much to do persuading, being virile testicle squid he is.
The man pulled medallion from under his shirt and waved it before Enrico's eyes. Enrico, in turn pull seventeen medallions from under his shirt and waved them around too, thinking 'what strange customs these beautiful f*ggots have', but was distracted from his inner monologue by man saying "This is call Sacred Cow."

"Sacred Cow?" Enrico ask, then add: "In Enrico's homeland that is Beatrice Arthur."

"No no," the man said. "Cow! See Ayche Aye Oh. Cow. It the singular version of Chaos."

"Chaos." repeate Enrico.

"Yes," man said. "Chaos is natural state of universe. Aspects of chaos are order and disorder. Both are natural, so do not shun disorder as false, is true too."

"You speak bullsh*t," Enrico laughed. "Enrico like that."

"This is not bullsh*t. This is truth that will set you free."

"No." said Enrico. "Is bullsh*t. But, bullsh*t is important."

The man's eyes wide in amazement. "Bullsh*t? Important? Is why?"

Enrico was surprise that concept of Bull hadn't been taught to this man. What else was going to be different in this country?
"Bullsh*t is very important." Enrico told man. "Bullsh*t should be spread far and wide. Always spread bullsh*t wherever you go."

"Why?" ask man.

"Is simple. If you speak to someone and tell them truth you have made them think nothing, is true?"

"No, they think about what you say."

"How many peoples do you know?" Enrico asked. "Most peoples, they are not all the way right in the head. Most peoples accept your information like a baby goat accepts your root. If you give them bullsh*t, though, the person will later find out about it, become angry, but then they will need to go look up informations themselves. They will need to use their own head gravy, instead of relying on other peoples to do their thinking for them . . . in this way bullshit is very very important. So spread bullshIt everywhere, my fine friendly f*ggot."

Enrico was about to leave when man call out to him: "But what if they never find out information is bullsh*t?"

Enrico turn back to the man. He shrug. "F*ck em. If they are that stupid, they deserve to stay that way."

And that is how Enrico taught the silly Discordian about Sacred Bull.

* * * * *


[Profanity edited by me]

Monday, May 28, 2007

Discordian 'Peace Ambassador' Resists Arrest

Self-proclaimed Discordian "Peace Ambassador" Fritz Kopfkrank begins to disrobe in a Denny's restaurant (known to have links with the supernatural cults) then clearly adds 'resisting arrest' to the list of charges (such as: general mischief, disturbing the peace and assaulting an Officer of the Law) in this YouTube video. Mr. Kopfkrank beligerantly shouts "WHAT!" at the Police Officer, then proceeds to continue smoking a marijuana 'joint' until the Officer asks him politely to drop it, at which point the "Peace Ambassador" thrusts it at the Officer, before taking on a kungfu stance against the Officer.

He then continues to ignore the Officer's requests for him to get down on the ground, only to suddenly thrust out his hand in some sort of Cult sign, meant to either disable the Officer or call in reinforcements. At that point the Officer knows that it is either him or this could-be terrorist, and so takes him gently to the ground, the Discordian screaming and crying like a baby the entire time. They are fine if they are on the winning end, but sqeal quickly when losing. He then begins to scream something which sounds like "I see all you!" in a moaning chant, which is a Chaos Magic technique - his hands aren't visible in the video at this point, so I strongly suspect he is masturbating, as this is a commen Chaos Magic technique, meant to strengthen the 'vibes' of the magic.

After that sad escapade the Officer attempts to handcuff the Discordian, only to have him react to the handcuffs as Gollum did to Elven rope, screaming and hissing, and then going so far as to try to claim that he can't put his hand in the handcuff because it has been "tore off" - despite the fact that the Officer can clearly see it. Discordians will bald-face lie to you even when the truth is evident.

The Discordian then proudly asserts that he hasn't bathed in five days, which is undoubtedly part of their religion, like fasting.

While being taken to the Police Car the Discordian begins to scream "Peace For Mankind!" - even though he was the one disrobing and throwing marijuana joints.

The video then moves on to first-hand accounts from citizens who were disturbed by the man, including one who was called "George Bush". Fortunately for the Discordian this citizen wasn't pushed far enough to resort to swinging a child's wooden seat at him, judging by how he reacted to the handcuffs this would have physically shattered him.

Luckily for us all he is charged with assault against the Officer.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Original Intention Of Discordianism Revealed!

A Discordian going by the name "Baron Von Hoopla" made a comment on my last blog this morning, here it is. reprinted in the harsh sunlight:

"I would just like to mention that according to the First Edition of the Principia Discordia you perfectly embody the ideals of the 'Order Of Eris', and are hereby granted a position in Ichabod College . . . welcome to the Discordian Society, CS."

It amused me to no end, knowing very well the old adage: 'If you can't beat them, join them' - I suppose it also works in the reverse [if you can't beat them, recruit them], BUT but, something about this comment thrilled me even more.

Up until then I hadn't been aware that there were several versions of the Discordian Satanic Bible "The Principia Discordia", but when the Baron mentioned the First Edition I decided to take a look at it, and stumbled across something which almost made me choke from glee. On page A11 one of the creators of Discordianism ["LORD OMAR KHAYYAM RAVENHURST"] interjects this statement, which spells out the entire original concept of the Discordian Society:

"The purpose of The Discordian Society is to provide false, comforting answers to questions of this sort; to give mystical reasons for the disorder around us; to promote unworkable principles of discord--in short, to provide the world with a workshop for the insane, thus keeping them out of mischief as Presidents, Ambassador[s], Priests, Ministers, and other Dictators."

So, there it is, in plain English: it was originally a complete scam, intended to keep losers and weirdos occupied. Actually, a rather valiant attempt, but sadly it has been taken seriously and twisted over the intervening decades into something quite sinister.

So, modern Discordians: Checkmate.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting To Them


The suspects the Discordians have come up with (concerning my identity) are:

-Baron Von Hoopla
-Hot Carl

...then the forum thread degenerates into petty in-fighting, which Discordians seem to consider foreplay, before East Coast Hustle (presumably from the list) posts this: "I thought about jacking this thread back to its original topic, but then I decided that I didn't want to give even the slightest bit of validation to whatever tard is responsible for the Concordia Movement."

This 'tard' is crying, believe me. It does hurt my ego to know that a group of scummy cultists don't think I'm 'cool' enough for them.

I thought that was it, but then found yet ANOTHER thread concerned solely with myself

Here are some of the choice comments directed at me:

L.M.N.O.: "Anybody want to toss the Golden Sphere of Possibility their way?"

Mangrove: "Anybody want to toss the Golden Hand Grenade of Go Fuck Yourself their way? f1x."

Synaptyx: "TEHMANG 222000000 points - concordiamovement nil poi."

Lysergic: "Just a thought... the dude *may* have a point. BIP does sorta come off as pretty depressing. Not that it doesn't sorta make sense, but yeah... come on, the name already suggests it's not a "fun" read."

Rev. What's-His-Name: "Sure, it's depressing to someone who totally misses the point."

Cain: "I'm 99% certain of who it is too, and I like giving them the exposure they deserve."

The Good Reverend Roger: "Which disgruntled n00b was this?"

Cain: "Its one of our own, posing as a passably intelligent (but not too smart) critic."

Jenne: "I still think any movement needs its detractors. Keeps the followers and those with the initiative on their toes. And you can always choose which critiques to discard and take up."

Cain: "Of course, it could be Laz, but the arguments on the page are all so painfully flawed, yet well written and show some thought. Which I don't think he can do."

...this thread then degenerates into boring drivel as well. I was surprised to see some actual rational thought from some of the Discordians (Lysergic, Jenne) so I'm forced to assume that they are new to the movement. This Cain fellow amuses me, since he seems so certain about my identity, as if only Discordians exist in reality . . . at least he's intelligent enough to recognize well-written work when it is presented to him.

I will keep close watch on this online forum and report any more knee-quaking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Operation Mindf*ck"

Operation Mindfuck is one of the most prominent features of Discordianism; it is the systemized abuse of fellow men and women hidden under the guise of "expanding minds". If your son or daughter is caught doing something WRONG, and then tries to weasle out of facing the consequences under the pretense of promoting Operation Mindfuck, do NOT, under any circumstance, think that this is "simply" teenage rebellion. This is the first sign of serious anti-social behavior.

This is how Wikipedia defines Operation Mindfuck: "O.M. is most often manifested as a decentralized campaign of civil disobedience, activism, art movements (especially performance art and guerilla art), culture jamming, graffiti and other vandalism, practical jokes, hoaxes, reality hacking, chaos magic, trolling and anything else that is believed to bring about social change through disrupting paradigms and thus forcing the victim to question the parameters of one's reality tunnel, the end result intending to be a society in which the creative aspects of both order and chaos are embraced."

Let's look again at just some of the ideas listed above:

-civil disobedience





-chaos magic


Isn't that a "heart-warming" list of extra-curricular activities any kid would want to be involved in? I think not. The very fact that Discordianism encourages these behaviors should be the only proof anyone needs to see what a truly nauseating and smarmy concept Discordianism truly is. Kids and Teens and Tweens are naturally inclined to act out now and then, it is -after all- how one tests the limits of what society will endure, and what it will not . . . Discordianism noticed this and decided to pounce on natural ideas to pervert and corrupt the youth, so that they can mould them into the extremists and terrorists they desire for their army.

If you don't think manipulation is involved with these fiends, let me draw your attention more closely to the last sentence of that Wiki definition: "believed to bring about social change through DISRUPTING paradigms and thus FORCING the victim to question the parameters of ONE's REALITY TUNNEL, the end result intending to be a SOCIETY in which the creative aspects of both order and CHAOS are EMBRACED." [emphasis mine]

Forcing the victim to question the parameters of one's "reality tunnel"? Interesting concept. FORCING. Consider that term. Have the Discordians ever considered changing their own "reality tunnels"? I guess that concept never occurred to them. How could it? Their idea is perfect.

And, do NOT, under any circumstance fail to notice their intention of forcing society to conform to their viewpoints. This is paramount folks.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Discordianism Linked With Ong's Hat Cult

This is all much more insidious than I even believed possible in the beginning. I started this blog when someone close to me recently got hornswoggled into Discordianism after being fast-talked by a proselytizer on a college campus, this friend was always easily influenced, so it wasn't hard for the 'silver-tongued' devil to work his magic. He didn't fool me in the least. I could see through the buffoonery and was not misled. I can smell a cult from a football field away. As I've said before: the most dangerous aspect of Discordianism is how innocent it seems on the surface. Anything seemingly innocent is suspect in my eyes.

Only later, after objective skeptical digging, though, do you unconver the grotesque facts underneath . . . the drugs, the conspiracy, the antinationalism, fringe elements . . . but recently a 'tip-off' from a concerned reader got me on the trail of something deeper than I had ever suspected.

I've found evidence that both Discordianism and another joke cult [which -until now- I had (foolishly) assumed was a much more benign version of Discordianism] The Church of the SubGenius are both linked to the Sex Magic Cults in Ong's Hat New Jersey. This cult dates back to the late 1800s when a circus magician named Noble Drew Ali formed the Islamic Sufi Sex Cult, the Moorish Science Temple there.

In the 1950s some white Jazz Musicians had joined the group and were experimenting in combining the Sufi Sex Cult rites with techniques from Tantra in Calcutta, and aspects of Ishmaelism, derived from the so-called Suicidal Assassins of Afghanistan - two of these jazz poets were Kerry Thornley [co-conspirator to assassinate a U.S. president] and Gregory Hill [anarchist leftist poet and magician] who combined what they had learned from the others with aspects of Dada Surrealism to create the front of the Discordian Society, which could bring impressionable youths to the Incunabula Cult.

Also involved were two sibling scientists from Princeton, Frank and Althea Dobbs, who were raised with an eccentric father who claimed to speak to God through the family television. The Dobbs siblings created the Church of the SubGenius as a front to lure youth in who were uninterested in the 'mystical' Discordian slant. They based the leader of their cult on their deranged father, John Robert Dobbs.

The Incunabula Cult is based in Ong's Hat, NJ, an old ghost town in the forest, and is based around the concept of gathering groups of individuals and using the techniques of Chaos Magic applied to Sufi Sex Magic attempting to break through to alternate "empty" worlds. My informant suggested that these empty worlds are were Gregory Hill and the Dobbs siblings live today.

I don't know whether any of the information about possible alternate worlds is true, but I do know that Sex Magic Caults are behind Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius. Sex Magic cults -at the VERY least- promote radicalism, liberalism, notions of Anarchy, drugs, meditation, Yoga, communism, and free thought.

On the link I am providing here to the dangerous Incunabula Cult's page there is an important list of books to AVOID, in the section of the eBooks, under the title Ong's Hat: The Beginning - you can easily download it as a PDF. Print out the list, and send it to all the schools in your neighborhood: we don't know how many schools may already be innocently holding these books - just waiting to 'poison' the minds of our youth!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apparently Naming The Dwarf Planet Wasn't Enough

Now the Discordians are whining that the symbol for the dwarf planet Eris should be a ridiculous symbol they call The Five Finger Hand Of Eris: it is a symbol which depicts a somewhat abstracted hand giving the finger to the viewer. They've gone as far as starting an online petition calling for the inane symbol to be labeled on to the dwarf planet in scientific circles.

The problem in this situation is that scientists don't have time for stupid word games and pretentious philosophizing about the arcane significance of the number 23 - they are busy with actual work. These scientists, being unfamiliar with concepts as far out as Discordianism, will not realize that this is a one of their pranks and will actually waste time and money in the consideration of and, finally, rejection of the frankly ludicrous idea. If they seriously consider the notion perhaps we should consider changing the symbol of Pluto to the Disney Dog.

But I'm sure the Discordians would love that.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bottled Schizophrenia

Our 'friends', the Discordians, would have us believe, on top of being apes, that each of us also has five minds inside their skulls. I suppose -if it were true- this would go a long way toward explaining their own behaviour at least, if not eveyone else's.

They claim that the human mind uses steps of evolution and these steps are formed when the human mind reaches a new plateau of development and the mind is 'imprinted' with new information in some way. Apparently standard 'learning throughout life' isn't good enough, and the learning must come with much pomp and circumstance. One might be lead to believe -if their critical faculties were turned off- that one needs traumatic events to learn . . . a good excuse for those whose religion is based around causing chaos and disruption? Surely I am just cynical.

The Discordians would have youy believe the five stages of the human mind are as follows:

1: "The Reptile Mind"; the oldest part of the mind, concerned only with safety and nourishment.

2: "The Primate Mind"; concerned with pack status, or group politics, territory.

3: "The Pattern-Making Mind"; the part of the mind which understands how we fit into time and history, putting concepts together.

4: "The Adult Mind"; concerned with group taboos, sexual norms, parenting.

5: "The Enlightened Mind"; the supposed goal of evolution, nirvana.

The Discordians actually promote this schizophrenia as a well-adjusted mind, rather than a sad splintering of a once whole ego. Dividin up our impulses, giving them names, and blaming them for behaviour is a fundamentally flawed concept of logic, and is ultimately lazy and self-serving.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Black Iron Prison

Modern Discordians have finally almost created a new idea on their own . . . they only had to rip it off from an imfamous CIA investigated sci-fi hack named Dick. How appropriate.

This idea is known as the Black Iron Prison, and the basic concept is that your own perceptions are a prison from which you can never break free from. Once you realize you are trapped in a prison you can try to break out, but once you are outside you realize you are trapped within a larger, more impenetrable, prison. No matter what you do, or what you try, you are trapped.

What a cheery concept.

They offer no ways to get out, or think around this concept, its just laid out there and you had better digest it, accept it, and like it or you are a shallow fool who doesn't get the 'harsh reality' of the situation.

The idea comes from Dick's book Valis, which nobody I know has read or even heard of. The more obscure, the better, I guess.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Comparing Discordianism With Satanism

While scanning through various discordian websites a thought started to occur to me... I had a sense that all this crap seemed familiar. Then it hit me, I had a friend in High School who became hip and cool in the tenth grade and decide to become a Satanist. Mind you, not the outright cat-killing type of Satanist, but the philosophical too-cool for school kind of Satanist.

I'm sure most of you have met someone who fits the bill.

Once that thought occurred to me I realized that discordians probably act the same way, although Discordianism -as I've mentioned before- actually does condone terrorism, so its hard to say which idea is worse.

Now, a comparison of the two "ideas":

Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence
Do what thou wilt / you are free if you believe so

Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams
Think for yourself, schmuck!

Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit

Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates
mocks regular people as "cabbages"

Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek
the so-called "Operation Mindfuck"

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires
Think for yourself, schmuck!

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all
Discordians are fond of referring to other humans as "hairless apes"

Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification
The Discordian days of the week are named after the 7 Deadly Sins

It shouldn't take much thought to realize that Satanism and Discordianism are basically the same concept, except one of the two tries to hide its malicious intent behind clowning and buffoonery, in the insidious attempts to lure impressionable teenagers into its wicked lifestyle.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Definition of Discord

Let is take a moment to pause and consider the dictionary definition of the word 'discord', which the Discordian Society has decided to base themselves on:

discord |ˈdiskôrd|

1 disagreement between people

2 lack of agreement or harmony between things

Isn't that a great concept to base a group around? And yet they will tell you to your face that what they do is good, or right, or for the promotion of intelligence, or 'enlightenment' [my personal favorite].

Perhaps soon we will lucky enough to encounter a group based around "Hate" or "Anger" . . . it seems to be the trend.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ayn Rand On: Anarchism

Discordianism isn't exactly Anarchism, but it certainly endorses the notion. Here's what Ayn Rand had to say about Anarchism:

"Anarchism is the most irrational, anti-intellectual notion ever spun by the concrete-bound, context-dropping, whim-worshiping fringe of the collectivist movement, where it properly belongs."
[Ayn Rand, "Brief Summary," The Objectivist, September 1971].

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Discordianism & The JFK Assassination

Click this link to find one of the most raving lunatic rants ever written. In it, Kerry Thornley [founder of Discordianism] AKA: Malaclypse the Younger, describes in detail how he and CIA agent E. Howard Hunt planned to kill the President of the United States of America.

Read it, and weep.

Monday, February 5, 2007

2 Discordian Quotes

These are two of the central quotations the Discordian Movement uses:



If those two simple statements don't put the fear into you, you are not on my side. Those two sentences are the types of statements suicide bombers clutch onto as they fly an airplane into a building full of innocent people.

Be afraid, people, be very afraid.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Discordianism and Anarchism: KISSING COUSINS

This is what the so-called "Principia Discordia" (the Satanic Bible for the Discordian cult) claims the "goddess" Eris says:

"I have come to tell you that you are free. Many ages ago, My consciousness left man, that he might develop himself. I return to find this development approaching completion, but hindered by fear and by misunderstanding.

You have built for yourselves psychic suits of armor, and clad in them, your vision is restricted, your movements are clumsy and painful, your skin is bruised, and your spirit is broiled in the sun.

I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free."

This is clearly promoting anarchism, something our global society has rejected since the dawn of human history, six thousand years ago, so the question is . . . what type of person would promote such an idea?

Something to chew on.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Discordianism: The Hidden Threat

In the Senate Anti-Terrorism Hearings in the wake of the Oklahoma bombing, a new menace has come to light. This menace is a shadowy, formless anarchoterrorist cult known as Discordianism. This cult contaminates the information superhighway and its tentacles reach everywhere.

Below are some facts about this organization, its methods and motives.

FACT: One of the founders of Discordianism was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

Discordianism was cofounded by Kerry Thornley. Thornley was a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and was involved in a covert Marxist group in the Marines. After the assassination of President Kennedy, District Attorney Jim Garrison uncovered evidence conclusively linking Thornley to the conspiracy.

FACT: Discordianism preaches drug use, terrorism and sexual depravity and the overthrow of all governments

The Discordian "Bible", the Discordia, contain incitement to plant marijuana and disobey laws and advocacy of pornography and blasphemy. Other materials are even more explicit and extreme. THESE MATERIALS ARE DISTRIBUTED WIDELY BY THE MEMBERS OF THIS CULT.

Discordians are prominent in drug advocate, anarchist, communist and militia movements. They will be found in any movement which opposes and hastens the destruction of society.

It is clear that the Discordians have no respect for the values of society which they seek to destroy. And if society does not see the threat and react to it swiftly they may succeed.

FACT: Discordians are entrenched on the Internet and use it to disseminate their propaganda

Discordianism is a cancer which has spread widely all over the Information Superhighway. There are Discordian Netscape pages advocating sexual perversion, anarchism and drug abuse. There are even newsgroups created and run by Discordian agents. The Net, which is decentralized and hard to police, is a perfect haven for these rats.


The Telecommunications Reform Act, currently before the Senate, will make it a criminal offense to distribute obscene and indecent material, categories under which Discordian propaganda clearly falls. This would allow the perpetrators of these materials to be properly dealt with by the law. Write to your congressman indicating your support for the act.

There are Netscape pages all over the net run by Discordian cells, disseminating their poisonous propaganda to children. Some of these are at universities, some at commercial service providers. Letters and phone calls to the sites, describing the material and explaining why it is unacceptable would get it pulled. If the site refuses to comply, it may be sympathetic to or controlled by the Discordian group. If that is so, contact the site which provides it access and complain.

Copy and spread this alert. Transmit it to others. Tell others about the menace and the very real threat of Discordianism. The more people know, the fewer will be seduced by their lies.

If your children have access to the net, monitor what they access. Do not allow them to access Discordian materials. If they have been contacted by agents of Discordianism, determine these agents' identities and call the police.

Keep your eyes open -- the Discordians could be where you are! Look around you. If you notice Discordian activity, in your community, your workplace, your online service or elsewhere, keep an eye on it and alert others. Report any illegal activity to law enforcement authorities. Only you can stop this threat!