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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Discordian Online Treachery Revealed!

I have oncovered two blatant examples of Discordians promoting treachery, deception, and disinformation on the World Wide Web, where any soft-minded citezen could stumble upon and be duped into believing the blatant untruths of this organization. I am still shocked that I seem to be the only person who has seen the dark underbelly of this allegedly *humorous* sect.

Please take close note of the two examples of classic Discordian *disinfo* and *fright tactics* which follow in the following examples:

HIMEOBS, [I have discovered though covert action], is a Discordian sub-sect which engages in online vigilante policing and bullying - while some of their online exploits have been *admittedly* honorable [dogging online Paedoefiles, and deviant Japanese Animation fans] they have also engaged in online disinfo, frequently calling *jihads* on innocent user-friendly educational sites such as Wikipedia or YouTube, and altering important objective fact with retarded *Dadaist* nonsense.

Look closely at this example, from, which shows HIMEOBS Grand Master, "Cain", bragging about his online visionary skills, attempting to create fear in the common man out of fear of being observed covertly:

When viewing the above image please also note some of the more subtle points which may not be noticed without careful study [which I have already done] . . . note that "Cain"'s *title* is Idi Amin, a vicious cannibalistic fascist leader from Africa . . . ponder this thought for a few chilling moments. Under that, also note that he refers to himself as an *ass polyp*. What is a Polyp, one might reasonably ask? A Polyp is an underwater creature which reproduces asexually, and I suppose an Ass Polyp reproduces with its . . . well, you get the nauseating idea. I won't even get into the idea that he "encourages people to look for their inner arsonist".

Our second example is from a Discordian blog by a Discordian Agent [presumably also with HIMEOBS] which relishes in relating completely bogus Discordian propaganda. Run by a "Baron Von Hoopla", the Hoopla blog related this story last week: about a supposedly underground Discordian temple discoverd in the Italian alps by another Discordian agent, "Count YooHoo" - presumably part of a HIMEOBS sleeper cell. The story is patent nonsense, written in what is supposed to be a first person *journal account* of having seen the temple in question.

A little bit of digging on some Search Engines produced this story: about Italian entrepeneur Oberto Airaudi [called *Umberto Aureola* in the Hoopla story] who carved out underground temples since the 1960's, simply for fun.

This "Baron Von Hoopla" claims as his title *King Of The Booze*, a nauseating claim to be proud of - elsewhere this Discordian claims to be the *Vermin Lord*, an eldritch title which may indicate connection with one of the stranger Discordian cults. HIMEOBS may have some esoteric root I haven't been able to discern yet, further research will be reported as its discovered.

Here's a screen-cap from Hoopla of the supposed *Discordian Temple*:

And, here is a screen-cap of the Daily Mail story:

So, I beg my readers to please be vigilant, and stay awake, try not to believe every *cockamamie* story you read.



You've got it all backwards! MY story is the True story - the Daily Mail story has been altered by HIMEOBS into the ridiculous story which is now presented.

Also: "Vermin Lord"?

Lopus said...

I don't know whether this blog is sheer genius or complete stupidity. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and pull for the former.

Question: How are we to not believe everything we read if we aren't supposed to think for ourselves? Isn't that what the media gives us leaders for?


Episkopos Cain said...

Ass polyps!


"Desperado, why dont you come to your senses?

Come down from your fences, open the gate

It may be rainin, but theres a rainbow above you

You better let somebody love you, before its too late."

-The Eagles

Anonymous said...

for more information on two full admins on wikipedia are registered sex offenders consult the encyclopediadramatica.

also how can himeobs be attacking sites? Himeobs does not exist

Jesus H. Christ said...

Hail Eris! its a circle after all!

Anonymous said...

He probably was referring to a polyp in your collon. They are discovered while doing scopes up your behind, they could cancerous, & usually needs to be removed... Does that describe him well enough?