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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Discordian Demonology!

It has come to our attention at the Concordia Movement that the hidden scourge of our blind deaf and dumb society, *Discordianism*, can now be definitively and directly linked to the ancient evil art of demonology, as we have often suspected in the past.

One of the many online Discordian sites [they seem to breed like termites] has reported that a certain St.Mae, owner of the rat's nest known as "" has come into contact with a shadowy underworld individual who claims to have been in contact with Kerry Thornley [AKA "Malaclypse the Younger"] while he was running from the FBI and the CIA in the 1990s, and claims that he and the demented co-creator of modern Discordianism wrote out a book of Discordian demonic names.

In fact this site reports that StMae "said it was a book on Discordian Demonology, and catalogued the numerous Discordian demons." Which -of course- proves that the idea of Discordian demononologists exist.

Another nail in the rancid coffin that is Discordianism: youth take note


Saint Valifer said...

"Which -of course- proves that the idea of Discordian demononologists exist."

Of course Discordian demonologists exist! So do Discordian cowboys, and Discordian scientists, and Discordian gardeners and florists, and Discordian Theology Majors, and Discordian Philosophers, and Discordian bloggers such as yourself, etc.

Anonymous said...

Le sourire de mona lisa

The Overpope said...

Interesting, I've never heard of that before, but I shall take this opportunity to make you a holy Pope of discordianism. actuelly, since you're probably a pope of discordiansim already(with or without noticing it) I hereby excommunicate you and de-excommunicate you and grant you the title of Pope of Discordianism.

PopeAppellopendens said...

In my ceaseless quest to sink you mehumes and your petty Christian nation I have long sought a book of Discordian demonology. Please provide more information and links. I'd also like congratulate your Concordian Society in in efforts to become true avatars of Eris despite my suspicions you are knowingly Discordians. Furthermore, by the power vested in me as Pope Appellopendens, Defender of the Moxy, Purveyor of Vulgar Incantations and Witticisms, Rightwise Emperor of Wacky Land, and Episkopos of the 5th Cabal of Eris Kalipygos, I hereby canonize Reverend Roger as a Discordian Saint 2nd Class.

Anonymous said...

Curb your dogma, Greyface.

Warmest regards,

The High and Enlightened St. Mal A. Prop
Demon, First Class (ret.)