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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Discordians Claim Credit For Downed Satellite

I wish I could type "Happy New Year" and actually mean it.

For a few weeks there I thought the Discordians had actually packed up and moved away to some other stooge country, finally we wouldn't need to worry about mindf*cks behind everything that goes on day to day. But no.

The Discordian group "HIMEOBS" which I have reported about before have claimed credit for the satellite which is going down at the moment.

In this email a HIMEOBS agent calling himself Agent Rapier claims credit for the downing of the satellite, then goes on to threaten:
"Unless our demands are met, we will unleash a wave of unstobable assassination from above on each person running in the US primaries ... Do not think you can call our bluff, either."

This is much much too much. What will these Discordians have to do before someone in the government steps in to eliminate them? This is the WAR people. Shooting down our satellites? This is insane! We MUST put a stop to Discordianism. Now.


saint valifer said...

haha...this site is hilarious...i come here for a good laugh now and then, it's the most discordian website i have ever seen!

The Overpope said...

Actuelly, my little brother shot down the satellites with his slingshot, he's a damn good shot considering he's only ten . . .

The Last pREIST said...

I love cabbage when its gullible.