no, i am NOT a discordian in disguise: this forum is an ignored warning to the world: some day, though it is not my wish, i will be forced to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting To Them


The suspects the Discordians have come up with (concerning my identity) are:

-Baron Von Hoopla
-Hot Carl

...then the forum thread degenerates into petty in-fighting, which Discordians seem to consider foreplay, before East Coast Hustle (presumably from the list) posts this: "I thought about jacking this thread back to its original topic, but then I decided that I didn't want to give even the slightest bit of validation to whatever tard is responsible for the Concordia Movement."

This 'tard' is crying, believe me. It does hurt my ego to know that a group of scummy cultists don't think I'm 'cool' enough for them.

I thought that was it, but then found yet ANOTHER thread concerned solely with myself

Here are some of the choice comments directed at me:

L.M.N.O.: "Anybody want to toss the Golden Sphere of Possibility their way?"

Mangrove: "Anybody want to toss the Golden Hand Grenade of Go Fuck Yourself their way? f1x."

Synaptyx: "TEHMANG 222000000 points - concordiamovement nil poi."

Lysergic: "Just a thought... the dude *may* have a point. BIP does sorta come off as pretty depressing. Not that it doesn't sorta make sense, but yeah... come on, the name already suggests it's not a "fun" read."

Rev. What's-His-Name: "Sure, it's depressing to someone who totally misses the point."

Cain: "I'm 99% certain of who it is too, and I like giving them the exposure they deserve."

The Good Reverend Roger: "Which disgruntled n00b was this?"

Cain: "Its one of our own, posing as a passably intelligent (but not too smart) critic."

Jenne: "I still think any movement needs its detractors. Keeps the followers and those with the initiative on their toes. And you can always choose which critiques to discard and take up."

Cain: "Of course, it could be Laz, but the arguments on the page are all so painfully flawed, yet well written and show some thought. Which I don't think he can do."

...this thread then degenerates into boring drivel as well. I was surprised to see some actual rational thought from some of the Discordians (Lysergic, Jenne) so I'm forced to assume that they are new to the movement. This Cain fellow amuses me, since he seems so certain about my identity, as if only Discordians exist in reality . . . at least he's intelligent enough to recognize well-written work when it is presented to him.

I will keep close watch on this online forum and report any more knee-quaking.


Episkopos Cain said...

We all know I'm simply trying to deflect attention from myself.

Idem said...

Question: What do you think the point of the BIP is?

rebar said...

CS - thanks for having the balls to speak out on this!


I would just like to mention that according to the First Edition of the Principia Discordia you perfectly embody the ideals of the "Order Of Eris", and are hereby granted a position in Ichabod College . . . welcome to the Discordian Society, CS.

Numinous Ubiquity said...

Central Scrutinizer, it seems odd that you have nothing better to do than monitor online forums of a religion you don't even agree with. Perhaps you are jealous of the Discordians? It is funny that you think you can recognize rational thought, when you have probably never thought rationally in your entire life.

Central Scrutinizer said...

When I read all your responses I can't help but picture this face:

Saint Valifer said...

What a rational argument from the true crybaby (Central Scrutinizer), your last comment on this page was the worst copout ever...You call us Irrational (which is entirely true), but you're so close-minded that you don't even realize that some of your own arguments are're a child-like crybaby yourself...go cwy wittle baby, go cwy...

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahafuckingha! you called hima crybaby!!111one!!! that answers his questioin and defeats his pointszorzzz!!1!O!!one!!! UR so smrt! lollolololololololololololololololol