no, i am NOT a discordian in disguise: this forum is an ignored warning to the world: some day, though it is not my wish, i will be forced to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discordians are ORGANIZING!

Surely you have all heard of the nauseating mutual masturbation of misery that is the annual Burning Man festival, a spot in the desert reserved for 10,000 stinking ecstasy bloated hippies fornicating under the blistering sun in front of children while riding rhinos and shooting shotguns at the moon? Well, imagine that 500 times worse, and filled with the insidious terrorist cult members of Discordianism. You have the nauseating collective that is DEVIVAL.

Of course, their vile plans are secret and can only be accessed by some twisted elite, because only good can transpire behind closed locked doors. Surely.

I have been warning for years that these Discordian activities would begin to come to a head, and clearly, they are. You have all been warned.


Wolfgang Freeman said...

What's this you say about a nauseating mutual masturbation of misery? I challenge you to find even one person who's ever been to burning man and came back saying they'd had a miserable time.

And said...

If it's usually a circlejerk does this make it a pentagonjerk?