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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Have No Idea What "AISB" Stands For

I received this email today:

Central Scrutinizer,

I cannot believe you are wasting your time with the Discordians; they are small potatoes, brother. Why should you waste your time with a group whose only contribution to the planet has been red pubic hair, when you could be trying to bash the group who is actually running all the machinery?

Fair enough, Discordianism IS insidious; this is apparent by the fact that it is promoted by that dastard Robert Anton Wilson who -of course, of course- only wants you to BELIEVE he is deceased. His nefarious ideals should be obvious to anyone who can enumerate the famous initials of "RAW" to the sum of '207' [R = 200, A = 1, W = 6] . . . a little research would show that 207 also suggests "The Lord Of The Universe", "That Which Cuts", "The Elder", and the most eldritch of all, "The Scorpion". Need I say more?

On the plus side, you should be aware that although we pull ALL the strings, we do so only in your best interest. In fact, one of your recent posts said it best: The trouble with thinking for yourself. The real trouble with thinking for yourself is that it is not in your habit, the human race hasn't been thinking for itself for thousands of years; we've been doing the thinking for you. Not only that, but thinking for yourself is tiring, trust me, I know . . . I do all the thinking for the lot of you, and I am effing pooped.

I'll give you a tip: the Aghori are much more dangerous than the ridiculous Discordians, and are also much more prevalent within the borders of your country. Just a thought.

Until we meet in person,


Does anyone have any idea what AISB stands for? Is this more letter numerology? These cults become more and more sick each day.


drjon said...


Rev. What's-His-Name? said...

AISB= Anal Internists Shit Bricks


That's not the group I was thinking of (although they are wonderful . . . they're doing so much for Anal Internists) I thought the email was from The (British) society for the study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour.

I don't know what their angle is, but the bastards are pompous . . . they would write an email like that without thinking twice.

You should change your blog into a condemnation of them now, Discordianism is old hat.


BTW: They are the first link on Google when you type in AISB, lest you should believe I'm intentionally leading you astray . . .

Anonymous said...

It stands for 'Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria'

you're dealing with a bunch of morons, by the way. You're going to end up a lot dumber as a result of trying to do whatever it is that you're doing.


The above commenter has no iea what they are talking about.

Central Scrutinizer said...

I am sick of people commenting anonymously. If you don't even have the balls to post under a made up name, please don't comment at all.

And I knew from the beginning what AISB meant, I did do research on Discordianism, obviously. I wanted to lure you into posting deceitful nonsense, which of course almost all of you did. Bravo.

Lying IS "cool"!

Rev. What's-His-Name? said...

How is it deceitful nonsense when we know full well that you know full well what it means?

Besides, maybe we just want to provide some of your readers with a little entertainment to go along with their reading.


Besides, how do you know it WASN'T the real Illuminati? They're everywhere, you know.

Eric said...

Except for where they aren't. Or are. I can't be bothered to keep track of them.

Anonymous said...

AISB stands for the destruction of all civilization. Hell and Fire!

Anonymous said...

Practicing the twisted and ancient art of internet necromancy, I wander the realms of dead blogs. Posting and hoping to bring life to the dead. All hail Eris, mother of chaos and mistress of war. After all, you can't have slaughter without laughter.