no, i am NOT a discordian in disguise: this forum is an ignored warning to the world: some day, though it is not my wish, i will be forced to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Discordian Malcontent Blathers On and On and On...

This video, entitled Discordianism..Uh, What? is the latest propaganda from the noxious group known as "Discordians".. mindwarpers disguised as *harmless prank* and *broadening minds*. BS. Total BS. This video is no different. The things it would have our youth believe are appalling.

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me while viewing the video in question:
  • lazy malcontent
  • foul mouth
  • obviously high
  • actually thinks silliness is a noble quality.
  • the woman cannot formulate a full thought to save her life
  • Discordians think contradictions are cute
  • Giggle!
  • "life isn't worth being so fucking serious." [tell that to the soldiers being blown apart overseas.]
  • "Chill out. Take it easy. Life's too short." [I was right about being lazy.]
  • "I don't know if this made any sense at all." [rare self insight]
  • just wasted six minutes of my life
It's becoming very tiring.  Do asinine memes likes these ever go away??


Pontifex Maximus Hoopla said...

Hey. Check this out: ... there's even a website: ... they have ZERO to do with you. I checked. Betcha they come knocking sooner or later. Did you even google the name before starting this blog?

Just curious.

The Overpope said...

There as many versions of discordianism as there are discordians. That's why its not a cult. I don't worship Eris, but I'm still a discordian. I agree with her message for the most part, although I only read your bullet points.
by the way, hilarious you called Discordianism an asinine meme after calling it a death cult and sex magic cult and have continuously ranted about how discordians are a serious threat. On the note of memes, I heard from a very reliable source that you like mudkips . . . ???

Anonymous said...

closed...oh ok.

"life isn't worth being so fucking serious." [tell that to the soldiers being blown apart overseas.], if people didn't take life so seriously would they be over there getting their body parts blown -apart?

ErisesHerald said...

Thank you HomingBohm for outlining why life isn't worth being so fucking serious. When large masses of people become that serious over a central idea, of course people will get blown apart. History shows us again and again, when people get serious, people die.

Anonymous said...

These fuckers are same ones that bombarded my sick father incessantly with their "Wankgasm" bullshit, and they were instrumental in his descent into madness, depravity, and death.

Preying on the mentally vulnerable seems to be where they get most of their regular (sociopathic underachieving) members from anyway, who cares if one of them takes their batshittingly insane Holy Men at their word, and decides to 'Rescue' a bus full of children
going to Disneyland?

"One more dead monkey" they'll say in their sanctimonious fake cant. "One more "Death by Cop". Well, FUCK YOU, you discordian shitnozzles, your day will come, ALL of chickens will come home to roost one day. The sooner the better too.